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Coach Bios

Students at ETHS have access to one of the most experienced and successful coaching staffs in the nation. While our coaches generally specialize in particular events, one of our chief strengths as a staff is that we all bring unique perspectives to every event. 

Jeff Hannan is the Director of Speech and Debate. He was a nationally successful high school and collegiate competitor in both speech and debate events. In addition to coaching and teaching speech and debate, he is an AVID teacher and an academic support specialist. He has been coaching at ETHS since 2008, and will work directly with our Public Address students this year.


Mawuli Grant Agbefe is a Chicagoan graduate of Baylor University; he is an audiophile, bibliophile, cinephile, and a 
big Steely Dan fan. Two of his favorite movies are the Big Lebowski and The Royal Tenenbaums; his favorite color is Nantucket Red. He'll be coaching our Policy Debate squad.

Elizabeth Sperti is a second-year at Northwestern University. An ETHS alum, Elizabeth was on the Lincoln Douglas team for three years and has returned as the coach. 

Kyle Deininger is an actor and comedian living in Chicago. Kyle helped found and coach teams at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Chicago campuses. Kyle competed in high school and in college and thanks Speech and Debate for kickstarting his acting career. Kyle looks forward to working with the Interp team this year! 

Clark Foster is an ETHS alum (c/o 2014). He likes the White Sox, Drake, and Pau Gasol. He speaks a little bit of German. He will, in fact, milly rock on any block. He will work with all events this year.

Clare Delgado has been teaching Spanish at ETHS since 1992. She is an ETHS alumna and a lifelong Evanston resident. She has been an assistant coach at ETHS since 2013; she enjoys running, reading, music, and coaching the Spanish Language debate squad.

Ashley Ellis is a freshman at Northwestern University. She participated in speech and debate for three years in high school and continues to do so at a collegiate level. She will work with all events this year.


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