Summer Institute

We are pausing our registration process pending Covid-19 related summer regulations from the city of Evanston and the state of Illinois.

Evanston Speech and Debate Summer Institute

8/3-8/7, 2020

What: A week of training and practice in the art of 

speech and debate

Champions coaching champions: Lectures and workshops with ETHS and guest coaches.

Who: Returning ETHS Speech and Debate team members as well as any students, middle or high school, interested in speech and debate.

When: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Mon-Fri

Two types of experiences:

Intro to Speech and Debate

For new and prospective students, this program teaches argumentative writing, research, and performance skills

Event Specific Programs

For students wishing to specialize in a particular type of Speech or Debate, these programs feature event specific instruction.

Where: Evanston Township HS

Tuition: $400 (scholarships available)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is participation in the camp necessary to be on the team?

No; several varsity team members will be attending the training camp, and we hope several new members will take advantage of this opportunity to get a lead on the season, but the camp is not required.

If my student attends the camp, does she have to then join the team?

No; the camp is designed to train team members, but does not commit any students to the team itself. The camp will be useful to all students, as it will emphasize clear writing, performing, and researching skills.

What sort of things will new students learn at the camp?

The curriculum for new students will introduce them to the basics of argumentative writing, research, and performance. Students will learn about national and regional speech and debate competitions, as well as speech and debate at ETHS.

What sort of things will returning team members learn at the camp?

The curriculum for returning students will focus on event preparation and skill development. Students will engage in focuses drills and practice sessions to improve efficiency, clarity, and persuasiveness in speech and debate rounds.

What sort of things will students learn in the Event Specific programs?

The curriculum in these programs varies by event, but will reinforce universal technique like argument construction and performance.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes; we will order from local restaurants for lunch each day (Subway, Noodles and Company, Chiptole, etc).